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dedicated to acting


I am an actor , psychologist - sociologist , martial artist by profession, acting is my main occupation, I studied literature - drama and still practicing - studying acting regularly​, beside being relax, like acting for camera, I enjoy taking directions

 ​In addition to acting full time , I teach kung fu part time, although I studied - experienced many martial art systems, I am specialised in kung fu and chi kung, also kick boxing - western boxing

 In relation to acting, martial art fighting choreography or kung fu, for more info please see related sections


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as a trained , educated, experienced actor, the life experience of different work character - skills  integrated into  drama education &  experience of acting for stage, specially  tv  and films 

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have skills, based on acting experience   &  real life experience of different works, with cooperations of education and with potential of learning new skills 

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dedicated to acting with an ambition for different characters role,  so some acting work experiences from movie industry are as follows    

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acting work video

acting as a waiter , as a work experience example this featured film was directed by Robert Zemeckis in 2016 - Allied is a romantic thriller  written by Steven Knight. 

It stars Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard

acting work videos

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ali la

London - England

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